Stop Feeling Guilty For Being A “Lazy Millenial”

A world where mental labor, thoughtful action and long-term cost/benefit analysis are deemed totally pointless.

“You’re so lazy, on your computer all the time. There are no visible results.”

No, I’m busting my brain to learn an entirely new skill set that will allow me to live a full, rich, financially independent life.

I want to provide for my future family & parents so they don’t have to work in a grocery store check out line at age 80.

I work my brain off because I won’t stay stuck at a job that I hate in a system that I don’t fit into to make money for people whose values are self-serving at best.

Have you ever paused to notice how I work from dawn until dusk to achieve these goals? That’s not lazy.

“I’m not pleased with the lack of effort I’ve seen in you.”

Have you even looked? Do you know the massive amount of personal work and mental labor it takes just to set up a LinkedIn page?

Do you even understand how to network with people in a way that isn’t thirsty AF? One that makes them want to connect & work with you?

Have you ever considered how to build working relationships centered around symbiotic service?

Do you know how to create a funnel? Write an interesting, coherent, research-laden article? Set up an offer that people want? Integrate third-party applications and make them all play nice?

Do you know how to create products and service that help people instead of creating a one-sided good deal (favoring you) high-pressure sale?

Do you know how to research someone’s work, values and needs so that your application is exactly on-point and makes hiring you not the right choice, but the only choice?

No. You don’t.

I’m not saying that I’m so freaking great to be able to do all of this.

But I am putting in scads of work, the learning and sacrificing my pride every day for the sake of service and long-term growth. I have to go the way that I was created to and not take the easy, broad path of least resistance.

Please. Go focus on your own life instead of trying to take over mine.

My personal autonomy doesn’t revert to you because by your narrow standard, I’m a momentary failure.

Thank you for reading! This article isn’t to diss anyone making a life choice for themselves. It is a pushback on those who try to force others to take their exact path. We are all different. The world is different. And Millenials get a bad rap for being aware of these small but seismic shifts and moving accordingly.

Email launch specialist & executor! I write about food, technology, mental health, travel, TV & love. Always dreaming of an ever-more wonderful world…

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