I’m Going To Be The First Woman In My Family To Have Property, Credit & A Business

No religion can make me hand it all to a man.

Behind me and beside me, generations of women in my family had no freedom…

No options besides husband and children.

I don’t think there has ever been woman in my family who owned a business or property. Hell, most don’t even have a credit card or their own finances.

This realization came to me the day before I turned 29 (which if you’re math-ing this schnitzel, two days ago) and I can’t lie, today was a little WTF mixed with pad thai and pacing all over like a moron because I had the house to myself.

I wanted to be on fire! Make! Every! Dream! Come! True! NOW! YESTERDAY! LAST YEAR.

But why? Why? Ultimately, I have to have something that drives me beyond myself.

I”m so good at doing things for others but not for myself.

So all of this pacing and rage against the world created by men who owned centuries of women behind me who didn’t have choices left me shaken.

I can help other women, yes but what does that do for my ancestors?

And I realized that my success is the fulfillment of all of their dreams!

That’s the best way to honor my ancestors. My success. My fulfillment and joy in life! My ability to help other women yes, but first the ability to step right into MY personal success.

They are best honored by me being the first woman in generations to kick ass in life so hard that one day soon I own property all on my own.

Their lack of economic independence is honored by me making tons of money and being an example of what is possible.

The suffering that they endured under controlling, abusive husbands in a patriarchal religious cult is honored by me only accepting the best partner who adores my independence and only adds to my freedom.

Owning the power that I have by being fully independent, autonomous and always, always having many options honors every woman in my huge family & ancestor line who didn’t have any options.

Here in year 29, I’m grabbing this.

And instead of seeing the incredible women in my family as weak, I’ll take their incredible gifts and skills that have been passed down as a wonderful gift that sets me FREE.

Thank you, to all of my wonderful, strong, creative and loving woman behind me. I’m so sorry I ever blamed you for the circumstances beyond your control.

Thank you SO much for reading!!

On that note, I can imagine them all urging me to become the saleswoman of the century so…

When you’re ready to tackle your email and create a traffic source owned by you that sells for you, reach out :)

We’ll create a technical system, processes (SOPs and video training for your team!) and written (I can either train you or write them for you) sales emails that will release you from the whims of any algorithm! :)

And yes, you DO and WILL have visibility fears, trauma blocks and panic around creating this for yourself and showing up in this way. Let me tell you, I am so here for it! And I’m here for you ❤

Email launch specialist & executor! I write about food, technology, mental health, travel, TV & love. Always dreaming of an ever-more wonderful world…

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