How to Create Safety In The Online World!

Side benefit? Your creativity will explode :)

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Yes, the world is a bit of a mangled jigsaw puzzle right now. I don’t need to go into it and rag on it once again.

Much computer memory has been fried over the messy, painful and yet incredibly transformative time that is 2020.

(Also how the hell am I THIS OLD?! Don’t lie, you feel it too, my fellow Millennials.)

ACTION — Block with gleeful vigor.

Okay, so I grew up in a super controlling manipulative fundamentalist religious cult.

There’s literally hundreds of relatives and people in the church who would be furious to know that I wrote this sentence…but it’s true.

Someone is ALWAYS watching you. Whether it’s spying, eavesdropping, extorting information from that one random neighbor you friended on Facebook but who never posts…your family does anything to get information on you.

In order for me to create a sense of safety in the online space, I have to block like crazy.

This isn’t just for people in that circle either.

I block people who make me feel unsafe in any possible way.

No apologies necessary. I’m healing. There are things I’m not ready for.

So this is my permission, like from a loving, nagging big sister.


You know who I’m talking about ;)

ACTION — Create a safe ritual/routine.

Mindset by itself is the pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps of the spiritual world.

It WORKS but you have to have other resources to pull from.

Trust me, someone who lives in a food desert (#FoodIsPower) in a rural town with no transportation, functioning Internet, money or resources doesn’t have much to pull from.

And let’s be honest, I hope most of you can’t relate to this. It sucks.

Trauma is stored in your body. Physically in your cells. In fact, you carry the trauma of all your ancestors!

And it does impact you. Why do we have so many autoimmune diseases & mental health problems cropping up in the modern day life?

What’s triggering hereditary weaknesses decades earlier than our predecessors? I wonder if that has something to do with it…

Physically soothing rituals are EVERYTHING here to gain a sense of true physical safety.

I meditate with Calm (the walking meditations are perfect for this!), use EFT, a deconstruction EMDR click track self exercise, learning from amazing hypnotherapists like this one, use a weighted blanket, talk to my boyfriend, bike and use my sense of smell to ground myself.

Those are a few things that help me.

Create a list for yourself and a soothing series of rituals to comfort your body and mind when unhealed wounds get poked while you’re on the Internet.

ACTION — Go deeper.

Let the triggers, the trolls and everything else teach you.

Who do you want to be?

What do you believe?

What values do you have and what are your standards for those close to you?

Because it is all here to help us heal and move the world closer towards each other…

For a long time, the online world of Tumblr (I was one of the first on the platform back in the day and it was LOVELY. Pre-Yahoo purchase. Yes, still salty about that one…), the Internet was my safe place.

It can be again.

We’re creating a world where it is safe (not without struggle but STILL) to express ourselves.

Don’t give up! Together, we got this.

What’s your go-to emergency body calming technique? I’ve been curling up under my weighted blanket and practicing crying. It helps emotional blockage, seriously xD

P.S. Resources Mentioned (I’m not an affiliate of these….yet.)

The Calm App

What Is Epigenetics? From The BBC

Sara Rhiannon — Hypnotherapist

Food Is Power — Food Deserts

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