God, But Of Course, The Best Thing For You Is The Hardest Thing To Do!

What do we think this even is, anyway? The resistance does come up.

There are things that help me during this recovery process from massive trauma.

(C-PTSD, PTSD, Bipolar, Major Depressive Disorder, Anxiety…blah blah blah everyone likes to slap a label on it._

And it IS a recovery process! I’ve already made incredible strides and will continue to do so.

Because I choose to believe that there are employers who care about their employees' mental health above work performance.

I choose to believe that there are life partners who care more about who you are than the problems that you bring to the table.

Because we’ve ALL got problems.

We have all been through terrible, difficult, awful things.

Most of us have chronic after-effects of trauma or mental health issues. Our society is negative, shallow, performance-driven and highly critical.

Anyway, there are things that help with recovery! Plenty of things.

(This is not medical advice. Do not take it as such. I’m not a doctor in any way, shape or form!)

Things that help me:

  • Nature
  • Positive, uplifting friends who are working hard on their self-growth
  • Writing
  • EFT
  • Meditating
  • Self-massage
  • A lot of other care stuff that starts with “self”

Do I like to do those things?!

Hell no.

The really insidious part of this whole trauma thing is that you inherently do not believe that you are worthy.

Your parents programmed you to believe that any time you displeased their ultimate Holiness and Total Sovereignty, you were evil.

So, all the things that you need to do to heal yourself are the hardest, possible things to do…

Is it any wonder why trauma is so often not resolved?

The mindset piece is the most vital.

The mind.

The mind that you’re struggling with.

The mind that is injured.

Yeah, that mind needs to step up and do things that are hard for a healthy person to achieve.

But guess what?

You, yes you sweet, strong, terrifically brave person…

Yes, you’re flawed and broken and have done awful things in the name of your own pain. I’m sure that you have. I know that I have.

You are also worthy and brave and precious beyond all measure.

Why? Because you exist.

And you are loved.

And you are wanted.


It’s time to get busy healing so that you can get busy living.

Because your dear being is is so broken…and you’ve survived that? You still struggle to do better every day?

You can also survive this.

Come on now, kick recovery’s ass.

I know you can! We’ll do it together.


Glad to have you on board! :) You can follow Caitlin on Twitter at https://twitter.com/caitlin_dragon

Email launch specialist & executor! I write about food, technology, mental health, travel, TV & love. Always dreaming of an ever-more wonderful world…

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