Deep Space

The agony of co-dependence where there should be romance.

So much echoes between our souls

Or I wish it did

You’re soundless, too often

Unless you need to talk

No one told me that the stars are so far apart

In the cold and quiet, all I can hear are my thoughts

They remind me of how lonely we feel


And I flog myself for thinking

That I may be better off alone

Without you melding into my skin

Using me for life support

Because love was a promise

Only binding for me, though

You played hop-scotch with my hope

It turns out that love

Is merely a convenience for you

I thought it strange

But you can never win against someone

Who is so willing to sacrifice you off

In the most painful of ways.

Thank you for reading! I appreciate all of the folks who enjoy my poetry so much! ❤ the thought of making any of us feel less alone makes me so happy.

Email launch specialist & executor! I write about food, technology, mental health, travel, TV & love. Always dreaming of an ever-more wonderful world…

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