But I Really, Really Love Pumpkin Everything!

And Other Struggles Of Trying To Be Oh So Original

They rolled their eyes, “What are you crying at Titanic, again?”

“Pumpkin flavored cookies? So cliche.”

Snipe, snipe, snipe.

Is your family like that?

My family has an issue that manifests into the belief that we’re oh so special.

Because cynicism is just so incredibly unique! Who needs love, joy and serving your fellow creatures when you can criticize and hate on everything? Now that is progressive!

I do this far more than I ever want to. The worst part is that the cynicism disguises itself as cleverly sarcastic humor. Oy. Don’t you see that I’m not dead inside? I am demonstrating my great intellect.

Haven’t you heard that by not constantly proving your intelligence through cleverly cutting remarks, it ceases to exist? Apparently, my brain subconsciously believes that!


Perhaps it’s the culture of trauma. Russia decided to try and squash us which didn’t succeed physically. I can’t say the same about emotionally and socially because the trauma wrought on the culture may speak for itself. And so the Finnish folks settled for a culture of social awkwardness, extreme vodka dosages and emotional isolation.

Hope is not special, oh no. Let us fuel this persistent cycle of negativity. Haven’t you heard that hope isn’t safe?

Pumpkin spice lattes are just a signpost though. Something universal that I have to convince myself and whichever friend is with me that, “Okay, this is okay to get. I’m not trying to be cool today!”

I have a love-hate situationship with pumpkin spice Starbucks things anyway. The processed fat & sugar causes my poor all-too-human body a lot of pain. I’d like to douse the whole drink in triple strength pumpkin flavor but half the sweetner, please. This way, I can pretend to be healthy at the coffeehouse of human health doom.

Then there are the ancestors groaning in betrayal. As a 4th gen American-Finnish immigrant, my genes program me to enjoy silent sufferings for the sake of the family honor. Aka drinking stark black coffee without the slightest grimace.

The silent part is not my strong suit. In fact, I recently quit trying to stifle myself and as a result, I use lots of words.

So the originality of cynicism has been greatly exaggerated. What value is there in tearing down something heartwarming and beautiful? (Harsh critics of the Greatest Showman, I’m looking at you. No links because you don’t deserve the page views for being absolutely eviscerating.)

I want to conclude that I’ll do something deep and more profound about this realization than order pumpkin flavored everything and gasp at sunsets + puppies but that’s probably how it will go for now. Bear with me.

Hi friends! Thanks for reading! What do you think is original, hope or cynicism? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also follow me on Instagram for photos that are taken just to give me an excuse to write a lot of words for you. You’re welcome ;) say hi so I can follow you too!

Email launch specialist & executor! I write about food, technology, mental health, travel, TV & love. Always dreaming of an ever-more wonderful world…

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