Anxiety, The Creative Signpost

Believe it or not, there are benefits to even this aggravating little bugger.

Anxiety. You silly wretch!

I thought that I had it under control with the right amounts of exercise, supplements and working hard to master my sleep.

Seriously, I’ve been killing it.

Or so I thought.

But the last three days? Man, it just hits out of nowhere.

I’ve been stalled and trying to power through.

It’s like trying to fight the steady creep of time. You put up a huge effort, a terrible show and raging fight but in the end, it does nothing.

Until I realized, anxiety is actually one of the greatest signposts!

It tells you:

  • When you’ve had too much stress
  • When you’re around people who are too much of something for you
  • That it’s time to set limits
  • That you need more rest
  • That you need more alone time
  • That you’re full of pent-up creativity
  • That you’re full of pent-up energy
  • That it’s time for a location/job/relationship cleanse or change

So, anxiety? I am grateful for you.

This is a signpost that I need to work on my own creative projects as much as other people’s. As much as I love them, my own work is so vital!

What is anxiety telling you today? This week?

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