Let Me Just Breathe The Same Air

I want to speak, but you strike me mute.


How I wish you were here

Or that I had spoken the right words

When you stood next to me

But I can’t help it

It’s so easy to get lost

In the sound of your words

And the language of your lips

When you laugh from across the room

And my soul just curls up

Peeking out the window of my eyes

Mouth half open, smile full of sap

All I am is hope and stars

All I can do is soak you in

Before returning to the desert of normal life

Linear thought is not a thing

For when you are around

I am just a creature

Of melted heart and hopeful soul

Thank you for reading! I chose the cat photo because it made me giggle and offset the longing seriousness of this poem ;)

Email launch specialist & executor! I write about food, technology, mental health, travel, TV & love. Always dreaming of an ever-more wonderful world…

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