A Love Letter For the Overly Enthusiastic

If you’re too sensitive, too loud, too happy, too much.

Hi darling!

(This greeting could feel presumptuous & over enthusiastic for a normal person but you aren’t a normie.)

Forget that.

Oh don’t get me wrong. Normal is fine. It’s good. It’s perfectly acceptable.

But you just can’t cram yourself into the “perfectly acceptable” form. Nope, you dive into feeling all of the highs and lows.

You see a nice wide road that gently rises and slopes along the most traditionally scenic part and say what if we found a path through the cliffs? Hopped out along the rocks to play tag with the ocean tide? Trekked along that old path through the woods?

The soaring moments of ectasy and the shattering agony that find all of us, these moments are where you get to feel fully.

It isn’t all great though. People often think that you don’t have problems or that life doesn’t hurt you.

Of course it does. In fact, it hurts much worse when pain strikes an open heart.

Choosing to greet whatever life brings means more pain, not less.

Hearing that kind of dismissal over and again does get so old, I know. Please don’t let that make you tired.

It’s absolutely vital for you to rest. To draw back a bit from the overwhelming world, but don’t do it forever.

Do what you have to do to stay true to yourself and that invisible world that no one else can see.

Don’t let anyone’s negative or positive reactions change your essence.

Selling out will hurt more than accepting the intense ball of feelings that you are.

Keep smiling and low key freaking out over the little things!

Keep getting way too excited about exactly the right brand of black liquorice, your favorite The Offspring song coming on at just the right moment, that icy red winter sunset against the dry, arid hills of the high desert.

We could go into the psychology of why some humans seem to enjoy snuffing out a flame rather than lighting it, but that’ll just puff up your ego and kill the empathy.

Be kind and strong for yourself first.

Here’s The Vital Part —

After anything, you are going to need a lot more deep recovery time. That holds true for anything from the wonderful experiences, to the devasting things, the traumas. Even the unavoidable treadmill of “meh” takes extra time to recover from.

Take that moment of , “I’m in too deep, this is too much, I can’t go on” as a sign to gently back off and recharge.

A Ferrari needs special maintence and pricey care. They’re high dollar sports cars, and you are a fine tuned, high maintence human. Expensive AF sports cars are awesome but I love my gritty old 4x4 Jeep just as much as any luxury vehicle. It’s about doing the right care for your engine.

Plan for your sports car maintence and carry the plan out as the top priority. You need extra maintainenc.

That’s not a blessing or a curse. It is a fact.

Know yourself so that you can be the most incredible version of yourself.

Thanks for reading! :D I value all kinds of people. Please don’t take this as a rejection of more “normal” people. I wrote this for others like me who spend so much of their lives feeling “too much”, “too sensitive” and in the end, too alone.

Email launch specialist & executor! I write about food, technology, mental health, travel, TV & love. Always dreaming of an ever-more wonderful world…

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